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Why Telehealth with Doctors Business?

HIPAA Compliant | 100% Browser-Based | No CapEx, Limited IT 

No EHR integration | 5-minute or less training

To have the best patient and physician experience, video conferencing doesn’t work. We allow providers to practice medicine vs. being technical support. We’ve made our video telehealth SaaS platform affordable for even small medical practices. Most healthcare organizations see a positive ROI in only two telehealth patient encounters per clinician per month. Whether you are looking to provide your patients’ convenience or service population health to skilled nursing facilities, our telehealth solution has you covered for all scenarios. 

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Our Telehealth Solution Features

Any Device

Desktop, tablet or mobile device. Browser + webcam = ready

Take Images

4k video quality with the ability to take images real-time

Text Link

Send a text for one-click connection plus text notifications

Instant Surveys

Instant patient and provider surveys post video call


Connect location to location, RPM with a branded tablet

Ready to Start Now?

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Virtual Care Telehealth is NOT Video Conferencing or Carts

Our telehealth solution empowers healthcare organizations and healthcare systems their own branded telehealth solution directly on your own website. We allow you to have simple proactive patient interactions while creating a better clinician experience.

Our telehealth solution is 100% browser-based ensuring that both your patients and providers don’t have to download any third-party apps. Our virtual care solution was designed for 2-click simplicity both for patients and clinicians to connect. We figured out all the hard work, so you can practice medicine and not be technical support to your patients. 

Selecting the proper telehealth solution that allows for virtual care anywhere is critical in scaling adoption. As the demand for telehealth continues at hockey stick growth, reimbursement has aligned. 

Top Implementation Areas for Telehealth

There is no question that you will have to implement some form of video telehealth, don’t try to tackle everything day one. Start with current patients and appointment types that provide convenience to the patient experience and free up the waiting room. Don’t get overwhelmed with every appointment type and billable code. Create a virtual care roadmap to help prioritize where you start. 

What Sub Specialties Are Hot? 
  • Behavioral Health
  • Specialty Medicine

  • Pediatrics

  • Women’s Health 

  • SNF’s

  • Hospitals/Urgent Care/Clinics/FQHC’s

  • Proactive Chronic Care 

  • Home Health/ Palliative Care 

  • Pre & Post Surgery

  • Family Practice

  • Internal Medicine

You must ask yourself, why am I not providing virtual care to my patient population? It provides better patient outcomes, convenience and access to care. 

Healthcare organizations have found that using video conferencing or medical cart telemedicine solutions limit their virtual care reach into today’s patient or caregiver lives. This makes it hard to scale both from a technical and cost-effective standpoint.  Using video conferencing for one-off encounters for a solo provider might work, but isn’t effective or scalable for an organization with more than five providers. 

With today’s consumer (patient or caregiver), every second does count so you need to make the most of it with mobile health. If your patient is videoing in for a specialty care appointment, they shouldn’t have to download third-party apps or desktop plugins. Don’t put your clinicians in a situation where they spend more time helping a patient connect than practicing medicine. Baby Boomers are more tech-savvy than you give them credit for and want telehealth.

Our telehealth solution implements in less than 24 hours with limited to no IT involvement, no hardware, software or EHR integration required. We’ve made our virtual care telehealth solution affordable down to small medical practice groups. 

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